Sunday, 17 May 2009

*+* Haulage *+*

Hey Guys, 

So yeah i did a lot of damage to my purse! Its dying i spent so much and brought so much watch the video (haul) on you tube when it has finished processing and yeah heres what i got!
Georgie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  1. yup, looks pretty nice. Btw, I like the look in your profile pic more than the others. It's very pretty :]

  2. btw, show us your stash xD

  3. Georgie!! I just want to know why or if you've deleted your YouTube account? Because I wonna know what you've been upto and what make-up you've bought. Please let us know what's happening!? x

  4. i'm gonna diiiiiie without your videos¡!!!!!
    plz let us know!!!! Porque has quitado los videos¿¿ con lo molona que sales y con lo que me gusta verte maquillandote porfavor QUIERO MAAAS!!! cést quoi ce bordel???? je peux pas vivre sans tes video pourquoi t'a fait sa??? stp tés trop bonne en plus (xD) !!!

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  6. amazing post!
    your blog is soo cute!